Emotional Freedom!

Take back your birthright to feel, express, and let go.

Emotions, or more simply explained as, energy patterns are expressed or repressed for various reasons. These reasons can be either internal or external, real or perceived. They are natural and normal responses that have an effect on the nervous system, and subsequently on all of the systems of the body. Emotions arise as responses to stimuli. From the words we say or hear, to our thoughts or what we think others are thinking, and as a result of our physical actions. Emotions can feed off each other and grow uncontrollably. Certain emotions can lead to negative behaviors and difficult consequences, while other emotions can lead to positive behaviors and experiences. Understanding more about how our emotions work, will help us to experience emotional freedom! 

For example, empathy is an enrgetic pattern that moves one to practice patience, kindness, and understanding more often and readily. Contempt on the other hand, moves one to practice disregard, arrogance, and inconsideration. Emotions can send us on a roller coaster ride of feeling ‘on top of the world’ at one moment or as if ‘nobody likes me’ the next simply by being entangled in and becoming a prisoner of emotion.  Being free from the roller coaster allows peace, calm and widsom to flourish.

 When trapped emotions are freed from the tissues, the nervous system is able to let go of the continuous stimulus response cycle and rest, enabling a state of homeostasis to be achieved. In this state, the nervous system can manage the entire body, generate a healing response where needed, and restore vital balances of hormones and neurotransmitters. This gives the entire organism the opportunity to restore, and regenerate.  When the nervous system is bogged down, the body is unable to maintain homeostasis and dis-ease may begin to creep in.

Trapped emotions can lead to repetitive cycles of painful circumstances, hurt feelings, health concerns, and or life dramas that reinforce the same non- beneficial or even unhealthy patterns. The more we are freed from trapped emotions, the easier it is for us to be present in the moment. As we free up the energy patterns holding anger, fear, dread, shame, blame, guilt, grief, denial, suppression, and anxiety; we create space for the patterns of understanding, compassion, acceptance, patience, and joy. With these patterns at play, we may experience LOVE and find that it has been there all along, just now we are able to recognize it.

Break up the patterns to experience emotional freedom! 

More and more options exist today to help anyone break free from the energy patterns that lead to confusion and pain, in the physical and or mental health of the whole person. As we realize more deeply the integral connection of our body, mind, and spirit, we are able to recognize opportunities to heal as they present. Becoming the observer of our thoughts, deeds, and words helps to start breaking up the patterns that fail to benefit us or anyone else. Prayer, faith, and meditation are each extremely beneficial to this process as well. Sometimes we need some help from a friend to break up patterns. This is where therapeutic techniques and modalities may be needed to move beyond what we can reach alone. So many options are available to help us break patterns, I will only discuss the one I am most familiar with myself; Neuro Emotional Technique or NET 

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is highly beneficial to aid one in the journey of gaining emotional freedom! Of course, depending on what is happening with the entire being, this may not be the only therapeutic intervention one chooses, however it is a great tool to help break the cycles of chronic suffering experienced by the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

NET is a mind body therapeutic technique developed by Dr. Scott Walker in the 1980’s. Since that time Dr. Walker and others have been using NET to successfully eliminate chronic issues in thousands of patients. Research is continuing to reveal the neurophysiology of emotions, pain, stress response and stress patterns. The fact that neuropeptides are found in all parts of the body, and are the basic molecules of emotion is one of the reasons why NET is so effective. The normal physiologic response in the body that occurs as a result of stress and emotions can get lodged in the tissues and create a cycle of conditioned responses that may become non-beneficial to the whole.

As NET resolves Neuro Emotional Complexes (NEC’s) homeostasis is restored and a normal secession of the conditioned emotional and physiological response can occur, thus breaking the cycle of chronic or recurring dysfunctions. Originally developed to treat chronic and recurrent spinal subluxations, NET has been found to be useful in the treatment of many imbalances in the body and mind. 

 NET was developed through the studies of chiropractic care, applied kinesiology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to correlate aberrant body structure or function with meridians, emotions, and muscle tone.  A trained practitioner will guide one quickly and easily through a series of muscle tests and enable the nervous system’s’ identification and release of the neuro emotional complex (NEC).Through this modality, one can experience not only freedom from the chronic pain and or limitation in the body, one may also experience expanded freedom from the same old story, avoid getting caught up in the daily dramas, and see their own potential more clearly. One often finds identifying their needs and making game changing shifts with intention becomes more fluid, or natural after including NET in their healing.  

Who can Benefit from NET? 

Just about any being with emotions can benefit from NET! Yes, that means even those who are unable to speak, like pets and babies. As we have learned through neuroscientific research, expression of emotions and stress is a complex series of reactions that form a pattern of changes in order to respond to a stimulus. How each individual carries out that expression is unique to them. If one is trapped in a holding pattern of recycling a non-beneficial expression or series of expressions, dis-ease will surely manifest. It may be experienced in the form of illness, allergies, poor sleep, aches and pains, eating, or behavioral patterns, recurrent injury, anxiety, or depression.

NET works with the individual’s’ nervous system to free up the neuropeptides that are causing the pattern to repeat and entangle with each repetitive turn, leading to increased symptoms and possible worry or over concern.  

How will I know if it works for me?  

As already mentioned, NET can work for babies and pets too, so it can certainly work for you! The amount of treatment needed depends on how many layers of neuropeptides are blocking your free flow of life, energy, health and happiness. How much are you willing to take responsibility for your choices and how much are you willing to change to bring your life into balance to experience vibrant well-being? Of course, not everything is emotional, but every thought has an emotional component, each experience has many emotions, and pain takes place not only where you feel it, but also in 9 centers of the brain including the emotional center called the limbic system. When one is ready, often we find that the issue limiting the healing of the whole being, is hidden deep in the tissues. NET aids the body and mind to release these trapped traumas and limiting patterns freeing up the space for new realities, new patterns, and a whole new life experience to be achieved. From physical pain to emotional traumas, NET may be an integral part of an overall healing plan. Whether you have severe imbalances, traumas, or pain to overcome, or you simply want to enjoy optimal health and well-being, check out what NET can do for you!  

By Design…You were made to Shine!

The human body; a beautiful, miraculous and intelligent system that provides movement, communication, sensory information, pleasure and experiences to enable and enhance survival. It is a gift to each one of us, designed to maintain itself through monitoring and defending against possible invaders, and with built in repair mechanisms provided to heal any injuries from external forces that would impair its optimum performance. There are specialized cells that function as warriors to fight, others that act as crews to clean up after the battle, and still more that take on a role similar to skilled engineers, architects, and laborers to rebuild and repair the site after the damage is sustained.  

Built in layers, like the organism it moves, the musculoskeletal system gives locomotion to the body through the commands and signals created and directed by the nervous system. It further protects the organs, encasing them in bone and or muscle. The interstitium, or fascia system connects, protects, separates, and gives form to everything in the body from the bones to the skin, through the organs, muscles, nerves, lymph, and blood vessels. This layered structure of the body enables the most vital parts to have the deepest place and thus be most protected from harm.

From head to toes, like wires throughout the cells of the skin, muscle, fascia, blood & lymph vessels, organs and down to the bones, the nervous system extends to give commands and receive and return information from the body and the outside world to the brain for processing and control of all systems. Like the nervous system, the circulatory, lymphatic, and myofascial systems all extend from head to toes giving and receiving, working in harmony with the trillions of cells that make up the whole.

Deep within the body, housed safely in the cavity created by the ribs, sit the vital organs of the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and pancreas. Safely cushioned inside of the muscles that make up the abdomen and trunk, the stomach, spleen, gall bladder, urinary bladder, intestines and reproductive organs are held. Anatomically, or structurally placed to support and aid each one’s function and relation with the others. Digestion, cleansing and detoxification, nourishment, and regeneration are continuously underway at the cellular and more macroscopic level throughout the organs and up to the surface of the human body. All of this occurs without one even needing to give it a thought. 

When the body is healthy, and the mind free of clutter, the spirit can shine through. We can see this example every day in young children. The spirit is exploring, as is the body and the mind. As we grow older, gain experience, and mature, the spirit may take the lead and one will find themselves joyfully pursuing a path that fulfills the spirit, and nourishes the body and mind. They will touch move and inspire others as they move through life with grace, shining in their chosen path.  

By Design, you were made to shine!

Many, however do not. If the spirit got pushed aside for the mind to pursue egotistical desires, one may find themselves successful yet miserable. Or, if physical or mental health has been neglected due to lifestyle, it may lead to an overload of body and or mind. If the body is weighed down with illness, toxins, or dis-ease, it becomes heavy, the mind has to work to command the clean-up of the body and the spirit is unable to recognize the joy and fails to shine. The same is true if the mind is weighed down with depression, worry and/or anxiety, the body also has to work harder because the mind is distracted, confused, and may be looking for an escape. Either way, the spirit is blocked from shining through and the body and or mind become even more affected from the incongruence that is building between body, mind and spirit. As this cycle builds, dis-ease often begins and can grow into a huge health issue. If you are feeling less than great in body mind or spirit for more than a day or two, please look at this. Take the time to ask why, check in with yourself, with your trusted health care provider(s), then do what it takes to feel great every day in all ways.

Aging Gracefully

What does it mean to age gracefully? Why does aging happen and how can we keep the process in check, or allow it to unfold slowly over many years with grace and ease? How do we go about doing this? What does it look like? Here we will look more closely at the process of aging, what it is and what it means.

Aging, just as death, is a process of life that will happen to all living things blessed enough to enjoy the entire life cycle. It is something many of us fear, and some of us dread. We tend not to think about growing old or even acknowledge it even as we feel it happening to us. We watch our grandparents, parents, relatives and family friends age, usually avoiding the thought of this becoming a part of our own life cycle. Aging is defined by the Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health as “the gradual changes in the structure of any organism that occur with the passage of time, that do not result from disease or other gross accidents, and that eventually lead to the increased probability of death as the individual grows older” (7th edition, 2003, Saunders).Biologists talk about aging as an age dependent and age progressive decline in intrinsic physiological function leading to increased mortality and decrease reproductive rates. Aging is an unavoidable process determined by genetics and influenced by environmental factors, such as lifestyle, diet and physical activity level, social and mental stimulation.

As aging is clearly a part of the process of life, how do we do it gracefully? How do we avoid the pain and suffering caused by chronic health issues that are so frequently associated with advanced age? How do we maintain our strength, flexibility, and fluidity in both movement and thought? Many chronic health issues that lead to pain and suffering are a direct result of the level of progressive decline in function that is experienced by the individual. It just so happens that there is much we can do to support the body through life’s process of aging, and the earlier we begin to think of this and do something about it, the more ease we will have in aging with grace. Even though most of us wait until the process has been well underway before we take notice, there is still a great deal that we can do to support the physiologic processes of the body throughout our lifespan.

There are now so many anti-aging businesses and programs that we are bombarded with information about how to stay young. Much of what is being touted comes in the form of pills, supplements, creams, lotions and even surgeries. All of these undertakings seem to be quite expensive. Information about watching one’s diet and getting proper nourishment, abandoning reckless and harmful habits, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of exercise and sufficient rest can be found all over the internet and is woven into the fabric of modern society. There are too many different anti-aging programs and products, and theories and methods of manipulating biochemistry to go into here. I would, however, recommend that you conduct your own research, or even consult a reliable and knowledgeable holistic health practitioner if you feel overwhelmed with information, or desire to begin your own anti-aging program. Here, we offer some ideas about how we can go through the unavoidable process of aging, gracefully. None of these suggestions will cost you any money, and all of them will bring you blessings. The only thing you will need is the ability to make a conscious choice and then put it into practice.  

You may have heard it said that we begin aging from the moment of our birth. On a cellular level, there is a certain amount of truth to this idea; cells age and die off from the time we are born. But up to a certain age, the physiological processes of healthy individuals create new cells more rapidly than they die off, so the visible signs of the aging process do not become apparent until after an organism reaches maturity. It is only after we are fully grown and mature that we begin to age. By the time the body reaches 50 years of age, the rate of cell destruction has sufficiently surpassed the rate of cell production that changes are seen and felt in the physical body. Most people are able to notice some effects of aging by the time they reach their 42nd birthday. Regardless of what stage you find yourself in life today, you can start to age gracefully by following a few simple guidelines, and using the acronym GRACE as a mnemonic device.

GRATITUDE – adopting an attitude of gratitude from this moment on will help enormously with the process of aging gracefully. Practicing gratitude alleviates depression, anxiety, stress, worry, and fatigue. Being grateful allows us to enter a space of peace and calm that enables the body to carry out intrinsic physiologic process more efficiently.

REFLECTION – reflection not only helps us learn how to maneuver through life, it provides the much needed quiet honesty for the body, mind and spirit to function optimally. If we stay aggravated, irritated, afraid, sad, ashamed, or if we are anxious in our thoughts, intrinsic physiologic processes are impeded and the aging process accelerates. Taking the time to reflect on the day, week, month, year, a conversation or situation requires a moment of rest and relaxation. Reflection takes time, time during which the body and mind can relax and focus, allowing us to move away from anxious thoughts and giving the body permission to regenerate.

ACCEPTANCE – recognizing what is, relaxing into the flow, surrendering to the moment are all acts of acceptance. When we can do this instead of resisting what is, we experience ease. This does not mean giving up, it simply means letting go of what we have no control over, and taking responsibility for what we do have control over. Living from this place greatly reduces the level of stress and subsequent stress responses and reactions the body experiences. Once again, this frees up energy to allow physiologic processes to function optimally.

COMPASSION – treating the body with goodness and kindness, nourishing body, mind and spirit through choices that show compassion to you and others is a great way to increase happiness and health. It is proven that people who live a life of service to others have higher immune markers than those who live selfishly. Nourishing the body, mind and spirit with food, light, water, relationships, appropriate exercise, and rest shows compassion for your own self. By first offering compassion to yourself, showing compassion for others becomes more fulfilling and effortless. Love is our natural state, practicing compassion brings us into that natural state and makes it much easier for the body, mind and spirit to maintain congruency and health.

ELEGANCE – by practicing the 4 guidelines listed above, one will exude elegance, grace, discernment, and beauty. We will experience graceful aging from the inside. Living to an old age while maintaining the functionality of our youth is what we all hope for, practicing GRACE will only help us realize this goal.  

The Mysterious Microcosm of YOU

Part 4, and final article in a short series
This short series of articles has explored the microcosm of the body and related it to the macrocosm of the earth, and beyond. We have looked at some of the systems in the human body, explained a bit of anatomy and physiology, or geography and function, and then explored the reflection seen in a similar known system of the earth or beyond. We conclude this series by looking at the apparently empty spaces that exist in both our body and the universe
The interstitium, also known as the fascia, is an interwoven network of protection, connection, and separation between the over 70,000,000,000,000 cells that make up the body. It is an extensive network of dynamic moving fibers made up of collagen and elastin suspended in a gel like mucous that interact with the interstitial fluid, or the fluid between the cells. Ida Rolf, referred to the system as the ‘endless web’.
Because the interstitium appears to be in the ‘background’, or simply provide an ‘environment’ for the body and all of its specialized parts, its critical functions have never been recognized. Having been overlooked for many years, this system is now being studied with great interest by scientists because of the role it plays in cancer metastasis. There is also a growing recognition of how important it is to keep the fascia mobile.
Manipulating fascia has been central to the work of Manual Osteopaths, Structural Integration Therapists, Rolfers, Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists for many years.
These skilled and trained practitioners have worked with and felt the flow of living fascia. Many are able to sense the flow of fluid through its extensive web of networks, and have observed the restoration of health through freeing up the fascia. Acupuncturists also work with this system, and the palpable flow of Chi is now thought to be the same palpable flow felt by those mentioned above. Anatomically, it lies just under the skin and forms interconnected layers that extend down to the bone. It covers the entire body, connecting, separating and holding in place every muscle, nerve, and organ, while also providing shock absorption. This web gives the body its basic structure from head to toe and offers extensive flexibility for compression and/or expansion of the tissues. This system works closely with the lymphatic and immune systems as it connects and interacts with the inter-cellular fluid as the network of the inter-cellular matrix.


Although the appearance of fascia is very web like, science has only recently been able to observe the fascia in vivo. In 2007, Dr. Guimberteau was able to film the living fascia. To get a sense of it yourself, imagine a huge web-like structure made of a viscous or gel like fluid and fibers in which all of our organs are placed one by one, the web folds in on itself over each organ, connecting and separating them at the same time. This same web continues out through each layer of muscle, each bone, tendon and ligament, providing layers of protection and lubrication to each structure, finally settling just beneath the skin’s surface. Information is exchanged, nutrients and waste products are interchanged, and lubrication, protection, compression and extendibility tolerance is given to each tissue of the body through the interstitium. A miraculous and intelligent system occupying the space between our cells.
How could there be something similar out there in the cosmos? The notion of a cosmic web occupying the space between galaxies and holding it all in motion has been mostly theoretical. Although scientists knew some sort of energy or matter existed, it remained invisible to them. Again, only recently photographs have been taken of what appears to be a web that is very similar in form and function to the fascia. This web of what is now known to be a network of dark matter arranged in threads called filaments is what gives the universe structure. Much like the interstitium gives the inter-cellular environment structure, the cosmic web gives the intergalactic environment structure. It is thought by many astronomers to be the basis of the universe, connecting and holding stars together in clusters and galaxies, and galaxies together into groups, clusters, and super-clusters.
These photographs confirm that the dark matter filaments of the cosmic web are real, not just theory. Although the cosmic web cannot be observed in the same way as other matter that makes up our known world, it is thought to permeate space and act in opposition to gravity. Both the internal inter-cellular environment forming a network in a web like structure we call the interstitium, and the external expansive intergalactic environment forming a network of web like filaments of dark matter we call the cosmic web are full of mysteries yet to be discovered and revealed to us.
As we have drawn this comparison out, and seen the similarities between our body and our universe, even to the degree of their mystery, it is my intention that anyone reading this will gain a depth of appreciation and admiration for both. Compassion, connection, and understanding blossom when we begin to admire and appreciate more deeply. One can begin to fall in love with the mysterious microcosm of the body, their own body, and the self; one can easily begin to value the temple vehicle of both body and earth. With value comes respect, and taking care of our home becomes a priority rather than an emergency. With this simple shift in consciousness, behaviors may rapidly alter and everyone will gain.
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science.”
Albert Einstein

It’s all in your head

A Closer Look at Chronic, Mystery, and Recurrent Health Issues

Between the ears, below the crown, and above the neck sits 80% of the nervous system. The brain, meninges, and master glands are cradled safely inside the cranium, and work together with the spinal cord to send messages to and receive messages from the rest of the body. The senses, organs, movement of the muscles, feedback and all of the automatic operations of the body that we do not have to consider, like heartbeat, respiration, circulation, digestion, distribution, lymphatic flow, hormone production, filtration, and excretion of waste are all managed and controlled from what could be called ‘ground control’.

The cranium, made up of 22 bones, protects the brain and meninges. Connected to the inside of the skull, the dura mater, the strongest layer of the 3 layers of meninges, cushions and divides the brain. This layered system protects the brain and spinal cord, and allows for the flow of blood and cerebral spinal fluid, communication and exchange of material between the brain, spinal cord and the rest of the body. Looking only at the anatomy, one can begin to see how it is indeed all in your head.

Embryologically or developmentally speaking the meninges and nervous system are the first to start and the last to finish growing in the mysterious and miraculous whole. When we look from this perspective, we can begin to appreciate how important the head is and what effect the bones and meninges may have on the contents of the cranium.

The human embryo begins neurogenesis, or the development of nervous system tissues, on about the 18th day of gestation. Gastrulation has already taken place. In other words, the 3 germ layers from which all tissues will be formed are differentiated between all of the dividing cells of the young embryo.

 Day 18 of gestation.

Day 27 of gerstation

 Day 27 of gestation.

From these layers, the neural tube and other nervous system structures form. By day 27 of gestation, these basic nervous system structures are formed and the neural tube is closed. Surrounding this neural tube, which will ultimately become the brain and spinal cord, the germ layers will differentiate into the meninge layers of the dura and arachnoid mater to envelop the neural tube. The pia matter, or 3rd layer of the meninge system, will also differentiate from the neural crest having just developed with the neural tube. From this stage of gestation, the brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, and peripheral nerves will all continue to develop, even into the postnatal period as well. In fact, research-based evidence is now pointing to the idea that some parts of the brain continue to develop throughout one’s lifetime.

From the diagrams below, we can see how the brain is divided and protected by the tough dura mater. The 3 layers are also apparent, and show how the brain is cushioned by these layers within the skull. The toughest layer, the dura, is directly connected to the bones of the cranium. The thinnest, most delicate layer is the pia mater, which lies directly above and covers the brain. This design provides not only division and protection, it also allows for the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and the exchange of nutrients and information through the meninge layers.

 The cranium, dura mater, brain and meninges.

Chronic, mystery, and recurring health issues that one may be dealing with anywhere in the body, may actually originate in the head, literally. For example, an imbalance in the reciprocal tension membrane, part of the dura mater consisting of the falx cerebri and tentorium cerebelli, (shown above in the lower left diagram) may have a direct impact on the way the brain functions and communicates with the body. These membranes move together in a reciprocal fashion, as one is slack, the other is taut, and vice versa. This balance serves an important purpose for the normal functioning of the entire being. If this gentle and rhythmic movement is thrown off balance through injury, or other possible traumatic events, a cascade of biochemical processes may begin to manifest any number of symptoms from anxiety, to fatigue and weakness, aches and pains, or digestive issues and allergies. Often, when a person is suffering with multiple symptoms that do not seem to have an obvious connection they are labeled as ‘crazy’ or told “it’s all in your head” without any solution being offered. It well may be in their head, and cranial osteopathy may be a solution to help restore the health of the individual.

Given this perspective, it is easy to recognize the importance of not only our nervous system, but the way it is attached to and protected by the cranium. These attachments are important levers that can either mobilize and stabilize the nervous system, or cause the nervous system to become constricted and destabilized altering the health and well-being of the individual. The cranial osteopath is able to feel the involuntary movements between these meninge layers, and through this sensation is able to assess and treat the entirety of the individual.

Many people today are taking their health and well-being into their own hands, finding solutions to the mysterious symptoms that medical science has not been able to solve. Cranial osteopathy is one of these solutions. Osteopaths practice from the principle that the body is designed to maintain and heal itself. When the body is under stress and strain, and imbalances have built up throughout the system, self-maintenance disintegrates. Cranial osteopathy is just one branch of osteopathy that aims to restore the integrity of the entire system. It is a very gentle and relaxing technique that is designed to assess and treat the entire being, and to bring the body into a state of recovery, and ultimately homeostasis. The cranial osteopath is extensively trained to feel the tiny movements that take place throughout the head and body originating from an involuntary mechanism of the nervous system known as the Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM). This mechanism can be disturbed by any form of trauma and/or illness. Cranial osteopathy aims to restore this involuntary mechanism, or PRM. This is accomplished by addressing the nervous system through the bones of the cranium, the spine and sacrum, and the respective points of attachment and related connective tissues, as explained above.

Most everyone has bumped and developed a good lump on their head at some point in their childhood. Perhaps even more severe are car accidents, or recreational and sports injuries. Multiple bumps (or even just one good one) that occur in childhood or adulthood can cause trauma that leads to an imbalance in the cranial ostium and/or meningeal system. The nervous system can become strained and stressed from the body up as well. Trauma to the body, illness, and musculoskeletal injuries can all cause imbalances that carry into the cranium. Either way, the accumulation of stress and strains can begin to manifest as mechanical problems that may not only cause aches and pains, but also disturbances in the internal organs, the endocrine or hormonal system, and of course the nervous system itself.

If you or someone you love has been dealing with a set of chronic, recurrent or mysterious symptoms, perhaps cranial osteopathy can offer a solution. Aside from mystery and chronic symptoms, cranial osteopathy is also able to directly improve sinus structure and function, alleviating chronic upper respiratory problems. It can alleviate Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) problems, and help with dental anomalies. Cranial osteopathy is also useful in treating stress, headaches, neck amd spine pain and tension, some vision and hearing problems, insomnia, fatigue, digestive issues and more. Having the knowledge that cranial osteopathy may very well be an avenue to find help can relieve some of the worries and concerns that go along with this type of healing journey

Fight, Flight, or Freeze?The Trauma Reaction and Recovery Response

When trauma occurs, or even a potential trauma occurs the body responds in one of 3 ways. Fight, Flight, or Freeze.

Which one happens depends much on the details of the trauma, in other words, the circumstances will determine how the body responds most effectively in the moment.


In the fight or the flight response, the brain is triggered to start a cascade of biochemical events through the glands and organs that send an increased supply of blood to the muscles, pump the heart and lungs harder and release glucose to provide immediate increased energy to the muscles and brain to enable the fight or the flight needed to overcome the trauma or potential trauma.



The freeze response triggers both the parasympathetic (rest & recover) and the sympathetic (survival mode strength) nervous systems to enable a cascade of events that lead to enabling one to essentially play possum or take it another step further to disassociate depending on the trauma. Muscles contract and freeze, gaze and or breath may freeze in this state. The freeze state is only triggered when neither fight nor flight will be possible; this is a survival mechanism and if not relieved, one will enter complete shutdown state. The heart rate and respiration slow, muscles become limp, endorphins are released, and no pain is felt. Often, in this state, the person is no longer aware of their surroundings or what is happening, disassociation for the purpose of survival may occur.


The body does all this through a cooperative system between the nervous system, organs, and endocrine system the system that produces hormones. This cooperative mechanism is known as the Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Adrenal Axis, or HPA axis and is what maintains the balance to enable survival through a stress/trauma. Once the trauma and or stress has come to an end, the body returns to homeostasis. When the trauma or perspective trauma is over, ideally the body turns off the sympathetic nervous systems fight or flight response and allows the parasympathetic nervous system to take over, providing rest and recovery mode.


What happens when the trauma goes on for weeks, months, or even years? Events like divorce, or the loss of a loved one are traumatic, require a mourning process, and usually have a reasonable time frame around them for full recovery to take place. Forcing this process may do more harm than good. It is beneficial to recognize the normal process and allow it as the body and brain are designed to move through the phases of healing from the loss. 


When one has to continue to live an ongoing trauma, like living in the midst of a war zone, or in an abusive or domestic violence situation, living with an addicted or ill parent or partner, this can lead the body to a chronic need for adrenaline and cortisol to keep up. This leads the HPA axis into overdrive and can send it out of balance, causing problems throughout the organism. Even an ever over stimulated nervous system from lifestyle choices about work, hobbies, and habits can push the stress response system into overdrive and eventually, burnout.


When burnout occurs one may experience muscle and or joint pain, digestive issues, insomnia, headaches, chronic pain, mood or emotional problems, develop allergies, skin problems, chronic colds and or susceptibility due to immune system depression or some other manifestation of stress as a physical symptom in the body.


So how does one recover from trauma and/or chronic stress?

It is a multistep process and of course depends on what trauma occurred. If one experiences a severe threat or stress that leaves one shaken but safe and sound, the recovery is quick and the body can generally handle this through normal inflammatory responses to clean up the stress. Homeostasis returns and one enjoys a healthy life again. When the stress, or trauma is more severe, causes physical or psychological damage, or continues over time, the HPA axis gets depressed and the entire organism begins to suffer from the imbalance. This is when multiple symptoms may begin to arise as listed above.


There are many different therapeutic approaches to help one recover from the effects of trauma and the stress that comes with it and remains after. 


It is best approached from a holistic view, and addressed through lifestyle, diet, physical body,spiritual, and mind therapies. It is a good idea to work with a trusted professional, or more than one if needed, who can coach and advise on lifestyle and dietary support while providing the body work, spiritual coaching, and or mind work to help break the stress cycle and bring the body back into homeostasis, harmony, and health.


Not everyone who suffers a trauma recovers in the same way, or has the same needs. There are many options to help one move on after trauma and stress are over. Specific dietary changes and or supportive herbs or foods may be recommended depending on specific needs.  Lifestyle changes may be needed, and relaxation training, exercise, fresh air, water, sunlight, and connection with others and with Source, must be part of the recovery plan. The options for body, mind and spirit work are plentiful!


I list just a few here, this is a very abbreviated list, please research and choose the best for your own needs.


Body-Mind Therapies: an abbreviated selection of therapies that provide the possibility of somato-emotional release



Myofascial Release                                           

Primal ScreamTherapy

Neuro Emotional Technique                            

Somatic Emotional Release Therapy

Ecstatic Dance                                                        

The Emotion Code


Neural Therapy


Transformational Breath

Meditation and Prayer                                               

Family Constellation

Nia/Dance Therapy                                             

Energy Healing

Art Therapy                                                            


Tapping Techniques                                            

Lotus Touch

What is Osteopathy?




Osteopathy is a branch of Natural Medicine with a gentle manual approach to the health and wellness of the whole person. The aim is to bring vitality and well-being to the entire body, mind and spirit. Osteopathy was founded by a Medical Doctor in 1874. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still sought to restore health to his patients through the clearing or removal of ‘blockages to the free flowing rivers of life’. Namely, the blood, lymph, and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), he knew to restore the flow, structural integrity is a must. Dr. Still saw how the natural world and the body mirrored each other, he believed and based his Osteopathic practice on the idea that the natural world is in continuous motion. Anything in the natural world that gets fixed or stagnant will become out of balance with its environment and lead to dysfunction and or disease. Osteopathy developed from Dr. Still and a few students to a worldwide Natural Medical Model practiced by Doctors of Osteopathy, and Doctors of Osteopathic Manual Practice. Osteopathy, and osteopathic practitioners create/cover a large umbrella of diagnosis and treatment techniques, primarily based on the use of the Doctor’s hands on skills.


Osteopaths are highly skilled and knowledgeable through their initial and continual training about the human body. Osteopathy includes the study of the muscular skeletal system, myofascial system, lymphatic system, nervous system, and internal organs. In depth learning of detailed anatomy and physiology  on normal as well as pathological, or disease processes. Osteopaths are experts in palpation and mobilization of the human body, and the free flowing rivers of life contained therein. An Osteopath continues to learn, study and develop new ways to mobilize, or move the blockages that limit the body in its self-healing mechanisms. 


The Osteopath knows and understands that structure and function are interrelated and interdependent. Both structure and function are treated simultaneously. Osteopathic philosophy stands firm in the belief that following the healing process will lead to healing, regardless of the issue.

Stabilization, detoxification, and fortification, this is the simple process of healing in Osteopathy. Lastly, and possibly most importantly Osteopaths know that emotional healing must accompany physical healing, The Spirit controls the Mind, the Mind controls the Body… for better or worse. Healing the Spirit, heals the mind, and brings the body back to balance, thus enabling the whole organism to fulfill its purpose, letting the light of the spirit shine through.  


Osteopathy, as mentioned above, is a manual, or hands on approach. In this case, that means a very gentle method of palpation or touch is used to diagnose and treat the patient. Often times Osteopathic treatment will solve the issue in one or two visits. More chronic, long term, or traumatic lesions may take longer as the body will always do what we ask, until it can no longer. In other words, if an injury is not properly or fully healed before we demand its participation, the body will compensate as best it can, this compensation may and usually does lead to further dysfunction and structural issues. We are completely connected from head to toe and one part in dysfunction can and does affect another.


The gentle approach of manual therapy used by Doctors of Osteopathy, requires a stillness, and a connection to the patient. The Doctor must be quiet or still in themselves, the entire patient, body mind and spirit is respected and treated with care and compassion. Often in an Osteopathic treatment, the patient is unaware of the changes occurring from the very subtle touch of the Dr. Moving around the body, somehow seeming to find every tender spot and or injury one has forgotten all about, the Osteopath follows the body through an unwinding or liberating path, always using maximum precision and minimum force.


One may come in with a shoulder pain, and have the Dr. rub their belly and relieve the shoulder pain. Really? Yes, possibly. The Osteopathic approach is a whole system approach. The body is a unit and structure and function are interrelated and interdependent. Many organs refer pain to the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system controls everything, circulation of fluids keeps it all nourished and cleansed, and the myofascial system connects them all. The Dr. of Osteopathy considers all of this as they gently palpate and ‘listen’ to the body, mind, and spirit through their hands.


The Osteopathic approach is also one for wellness. Having a wellness check and assisting the body by staying in motion are great to prevent dysfunction and disease from getting an edge.


My personal and professional experience, I was trained as a Manual Physiotherapist over 20 years ago, much like Osteopaths, a Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist continues to learn and develop new techniques and approaches. As I continued to learn new approaches, those I found most effective came directly from Osteopathy. As I found this more and more interesting and effective, when the opportunity arose to learn more, and earn a PhD in Osteopathic Clinical Science, I jumped for joy at the chance!  


Why did I choose to study Osteopathy? Because it works! Because there are not enough Osteopaths in practice, and because my dream is to develop workshops to share Osteopathic techniques for diagnosis and treatment specifically to Medical Doctors, and Doctors of Dentistry and Periodontology, and of course, any other Natural Medicine Docs, who would like to learn more. 




The Mysterious Microcosm of YOU

Filtrating waterways

This short series of articles will explore the microcosm of the body to the macrocosm of the earth, and beyond.


We will look at some of the systems in the human body, explain a bit of anatomy and physiology or geography and function, and then explore the reflection seen to a similar known system of the earth.


We begin by looking at some of the life giving waters.


Blood, and its circulation. How often do you think about your circulation? Are you aware of where your blood comes from and where it goes, and what it does? Do you know how it works?

Most of us, unless and until we have a problem with it, do not give the blood circulation a second thought.  


Let’s have a closer look for a moment to understand more about our circulatory system. The human body is full of blood filled tubes known as arteries, veins, and capillaries. If taken from the average adult body and stretched out, these tubes, known as the circulatory system, will measure 100,000 Kilometers! To put that distance into perspective, the circumference of the earth is about 40,000 kilometers around. Imagine that the average adult has enough blood vessels that if stretch out, would wrap around the earth 2½ times!


 The circulatory system runs both superficial and deep and works together with multiple other systems of the body to deliver and provide nourishment, and energy, as well as clean up waste products, fight infections, allow healing through inflammatory process, and exchange a multitude of gases, hormones, and elemental building blocks to the cells throughout the body and brain.


The circulatory system of the body, works much like the waterways of the earth to provide nourishment, and cleanse.


Through transport and exchange of nutrients and clean up or bring waste through the depths and the surfaces, constantly cycling through natural filtration processes. The body returns the blood to be filtered and renewed through its cycle of circulation and exchange. In our body, just as on and in the waters of the earth, when a blockage occurs in the circulation, stagnation occurs and either the body/earth will find a way to defer the circulation or flow and create a collateral system in a adjacent area to provide the necessary nourishment, or the area will have no choice but to shrivel up and die.


The human body is an intelligent organism, just as the earth also is. It is designed to know, understand, and trust the natural cycles and microclimates of all parts of the whole. It is made to work together as a single organized and intelligent system, made up of billions of tiny individual cells, and multiple subsystems, each with their own specific job to do, time and place to do it in, and time to leave the scene.


Every cell in the body is constantly turning over, being replaced, those that finish the cycle, die off and are carried away by the blood stream to become a part of the waste products of the body. Similar to the precipitation and filtration cycles of the earth, the circulatory system works to carry in the needed, filter through the beneficial and the non-beneficial, take away what is no longer needed and refresh itself to do it all over again.


cross section of kidney tissue

The intelligence and design of the human body is miraculous, as is the intelligence and design of our beautiful home Planet Earth. Our circulatory system is designed with semipermeable membranes to specific tissues it crosses, allowing for the exchange of molecules. In this way, the blood picks up what is no longer useful and leaves what is needed for that cell oxygen, hormones, salts, enzymes, or lymphocytes, phagocytes or other element that is specifically required there at the time. Just as the water of the earth delivers nourishment, provides cleansing and brings forth life, so too does our blood.


Without thought, attention, conscious control, or even our knowledge, our body continuously generates and moves nourishing, cleansing, vital fluid, the blood, through kilometer after kilometer of vessels, the circulatory system. Just as the water flows out from the earth through streams and rivers for kilometers to join others and winds to lakes and oceans, constantly being picked up and refreshed through the precipitation cycle, in a similar way the blood flows through the circulatory system. As the blood circulates through the organs and tissue it provides important elements to each specific tissue and cell that it moves through. When the nutrient rich blood has made its deliveries it is then carried the venous circulation to be refreshed and sent out to do it again.


Just as fresh water continually springs up from the earth, and pours out of mountain springs to deliver its benefits throughout the earth, the blood functions in a similar pattern. New blood cells are produced deep within the body, in the marrow of the bone, as new water springs up from deep within the earth. The earth’s water systems work without any interference or attention from us, running in cycles with and through an innate wisdom working together as part of the whole ecosystem, varying in different parts of the planet.


As we have drawn this comparison out, and seen the similarities in our body and our planet, it is my intention that anyone reading this will gain a depth of appreciation and admiration for both. As we begin to admire and appreciate more deeply, compassion, connection, and understanding blossom. One can begin to fall in love with the mysterious microcosm of the body, their own body, and the self; one can easily begin to value the temple vehicle of both body and earth.  With value comes respect, and taking care of our home becomes a priority rather than an emergency. With this simple shift in consciousness, behaviors will rapidly alter and everyone will gain.

The Time is Now

 Transformation has been a buzzword for more than 20 years, the transformation of consciousness, and the transformation of our ways of life.


 This transformation is happening now in individuals, groups, and organizations. More and more of us are realizing the time we are living in is a special one, and that the time has come. Now is the time to usher in a transformation of thought, word, and deed. A deep and collective transformation is being called for now and each one of us can bring this about by allowing transformation in our own lives. I am speaking of not just a spiritual overhaul, I’m talking about a shift in the way we operate, in the why we operate.


I am blessed with the opportunity to be involved in and observe the healing of body, mind, and soul. As I participate in this process through my private practice, I have made some observations over the years. I see people are desperate to heal completely, to get to the core of what is causing the symptoms of dis-ease in their body. People are more willing and able to take responsibility for and control of their healing process and path in an effort to permanently cure chronic problems. As people heal themselves, their lives transform, suddenly their problems are much smaller and more manageable, and everything shifts. People are able to connect deeply to their heart, their source, and new ideas and opportunities seem to just arise from there.  As I watch this happen every day, I am reminded of the possibility that exists for the Earth and all of her inhabitants. I am reminded of how each one of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm. I am beginning to recognize that as each one takes responsibility to deeply and completely heal body, mind and soul, and come to a place of acceptance, forgiveness and compassion, then we actually have a chance to see the Earth also heal. As each one of us finds new and alternative ways to live, we make it possible for the whole to do the same.


I know I am not the first, I am sure I will not be the last, to bring these thoughts to your consciousness. My intention is to remind you of these things and offer a few words of encouragement. It is my hope that you will be inspired to join in the transformative processes that are happening now all around us.


“In the year 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue”. . .everyone     who grew up in North America knows this little rhyme. Yet, how many of us have ever even heard about the Andean prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor? Believe it or not, Columbus sailing the ocean blue, was an important part of that prophecy. In fact, all of us who are alive today also play an important role in the prophecy.


A few thousand years ago, the Andean Elders told of a time that would come when the way of the Condor, the ways of living from the heart, in harmony with the earth and all of her inhabitants, would be swept away and conquered by the way of the Eagle, of living from the head, in competition and conquest, destroying the earth and all of her inhabitants. They prophesied that this time would continue for 500 years. During this time, those who live in harmony would come close to extinction, and their ways would be nearly lost forever. The Elders went on to say that at the end of the 500 years humanity will have the opportunity to unite the ways of the Condor (or heart) with the ways of the Eagle (or head) and find a completely new way to live in harmony. It is told that at this time, the Eagle and the Condor will learn to fly together and this is the only way that humanity will be able to survive. The time for this unification is now.


Symbolically, the Eagle represents the Masculine, the Yang, Patriarchy, and living from the head. The Condor represents the Feminine, the Yin, Matriarchy, and living from the heart. Bringing these two powerful forces into balance would lead to the transformation of humanity for certain. It is not only the Indigenous Elders of the Americas who spoke of the importance of this balance. This principle is found throughout Eastern thought and teachings as well.


The Andean Elders gave a timeline in their prophecy. The year 1490 would signal the beginning of 500 years of life from the head, patriarchy, competition, conquest, capitalism, and consumerism. According to the prophecy, the Age of the Eagle would reach its peak in 1990, a time when the way of the Elders and the Condor, or life from the heart, would reach its all time low.


This puts us today, in 2018, just under 30 years into the shift, in the time they told us would be our chance to alter life as we know it, to join the head together with the heart, to enable the Eagle and the Condor to fly together, to find a new way to live in peace, in harmony with the earth and all of her inhabitants.


“In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue”. . .what happened after the momentous voyage of Columbus is exactly what the prophecy predicted. An age of conquering and conquest that brought about the death of Indigenous peoples and the destruction of their ways. It was not the conquistadors, but rather the church that made the first contact with the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon Rain Forest. Even this seemingly benign contact had a devastating impact. Diseases brought by the missionaries began to decimate the people of the Rain Forest. On the heels of this first encounter came the oil companies searching for the black gold to fuel the consumerism of the West. The petroleum engineers cut and dug and drilled and destroyed the homeland, forest, rivers, streams, water and food supplies, leading to new illness and death for the Indigenous peoples.

This continued right up until the 1990’s when the Indigenous Elders of the Amazon Rain Forest began the struggle to take back their territory and remove oil companies from their villages. They intended to put a halt to the loss of their culture, their peoples, and their way of life. The Indigenous Nations of the Amazon, those who were the very last to be invaded and conquered, had seen their numbers decrease by the thousands in a very short time. They saw the Amazon Jungle, where they have lived since time immemorial in harmony with respect and dignity, destroyed beyond recognition. They watched, loosing hope, as their numbers decreased rapidly and their territory was encroached upon. As part of this struggle, they decided to open up their rituals and medicines to the inquisitive ‘cucamas’ or foreigners with the intention of engaging their young people in the rituals and traditional ways once again.


Even as the doors have been opened since the 1990’s to educating and helping the foreigners, the exploitation and destruction of the rainforest continues quietly behind the veil of confusion placed on those who unaware that they are financing it. Through fear, war, censored journalism, and heavy consumerism, the people of the West demand more and more of the same without realizing the human cost of it all.


It may seem hopeless, or at best idealistic, that we could change our ways and come to some harmonious agreement with one another and the earth. Yet, the change has begun and is occurring all around us and in the hearts of many people right now. It is amazing that this process is taking place even among those who are unaware of the prophecy and their part in it.


Everyone has a choice.  The Eagle and the Condor are alive inside each one of us. The yin/yang, masculine/feminine, and head/heart principle of balance exists in each and every living thing.


If we simply stop to observe, take the time to watch the cycles of life, we can see it everywhere happening without any force, without any effort. Our resistance to this mystery has led us into conflict, and we have been in conflict for generations inside and outside of our own selves. We have lost touch with the way of the heart, with respecting our body as a temple, and our home planet as our source of life to nourish our temple. We have allowed for the head, the ego, and the mind to lead the way, and we have forgotten the ways of the heart. The consequence of this, we can see in our broken homes, and broken hearts, our broken health, and broken systems of our planet. We have manipulated the natural order of things to the point of damage, and now is the time to face our actions, take responsibility, and heal our bodies, our homes, our hearts, and our Sacred Mother Earth.


As each one of us begins to open our heart, to take responsibility for our choices, our thoughts, and our actions, we take part in the shift towards a new harmonious humanity.  As each individual begins the process of healing whatever may be ailing in the body mind and or soul, he alters the whole. Each and every body is a connected and dynamic fractal of the whole, a microcosm of the macrocosm. As we each take responsibility, heal our integral selves and let our light shine, we enable more of this: more heart-lead technology, projects, and change. Open your mind to your heart and learn something extraordinary, investigate and heal whatever gets in the way of sharing, and showing respect and love for all beings.  As each one of us opens and lives more and more from the heart, we will have no other option than to alter the current paradigm. The transformation is happening, join in and allow it. Drop old systems of thought and belief and open to what may be possible with real heart-lead systems of individuals working for the betterment of the whole, efficiently, consistently, and honestly. Now is the time the Elders said would come, the opportunity to evolve. Now is the time each one of us must choose our path. The Eagle lives in you, lives through you, and is you. The Condor also lives in and through you, and is you. It takes a moment to make the choice of uniting these two powerful forces, and a lifetime to learn the way.


The Indigenous people of North America also told of this time.

“ . . .This could be a good time. There is a river flowing very fast. It is so great and so swift, that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. . .all that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. . .”

Attributed to an anonymous Hopi Elder from the Hopi Nation.


Just Relax

Just Relax. What does it mean to relax, to unwind, to take a load off?


These words may mean different things to everyone who reads them. What comes to mind when you see the word relax? Unwind? Or the phrase “take a load off”?  or “kick back”?


We all have some understanding of these words, and some awareness of relaxing, letting go, or unwinding. Often, these words get associated with one more things we are supposed to do, or get done.


Societies have created sporting events, vacations, entertainment events, and pastimes that cost money, and that most people are willing trade their time, labor or knowledge (or all three) in exchange for what only amounts to more stimulation.


We have bought into socially acceptable habits sold on the promise of bringing relaxation and the sense of taking a load off. Many of these only bring more stress and the eventual decline of the body and mind.


All this in an ineffective attempt to find relaxation, to unwind, or let go of stress. People find themselves running in all directions to have another experience they hope will bring them some peace of mind, some calm, the sensation of relaxation.


So how can we achieve a true state of relaxation without rushing about trying to get it, or spending large sums of money to pay for those experiences we relate to this state?  


Step one is to recognize what it really means to relax, and its benefits. Many people have been so stimulated all of their life by their lifestyle and environment that they have no idea what a relaxed state feels like.


Even the sleep they experience is disturbed, and daily life is full of stress, challenge, and ‘putting out fires’ or adrenaline rushes. Society says go get more stimulation and spend your hard earned money on things, substances, foods, entertainment, experiences, and toys to relax, unwind, let go, have fun, forget the stress.


While this approach is still regularly taken by millions of people, it is becoming more and more clear that it is not working. People are sicker, more stressed, more in debt, and more strung out than ever before. More children are becoming chronically ill every day.


As people begin to look for alternatives to drugs and surgery to get well, they are also beginning to look for alternatives to ball games and booze for relaxation. Eventually, they will find they have been carrying the most powerful relaxation tool and method around with them all of their life.

Do you know what it is?




Take a deep breath, a really deep breath, fill your lungs and feel your chest expand. Take in as much air as you can, and as you exhale slowly, feel your body and mind




Take ten breaths just like that and you may fall right off to sleep.

Our breath is the most powerful and effective relaxation tool around.

What benefits will one receive by relaxing through the breath?

What happens when we actually experience relaxation?


The nervous system is able to shut-down, or turn off the fight or flight state created by the stress and over stimulation of the fast-paced, neon-light life we so often find ourselves living today.  

The nervous system can then tune up the automatic controls, bring heart rate, digestion, cell production, and maintenance protocols back on line, and start the process of repair from the effects of long-term stress on the body.  


When the body is able to function with a nervous system that is in a state of relaxation; repair and regeneration take place easily.


When the body is forced to function in a state of stress, repair and regeneration become difficult or even impossible, and the body may begin to experience rapid degeneration, and disease.

Breath is one of the things we do not actually have to think about, our body just does it for us. Like digestion, heart rate, temperature control, cell regeneration and repair, our respiration is under automatic control. What a gift!


However, unlike trying to control cell division with our thoughts, we can easily control and see the effect of that control on our breath. When we consciously take a breath, a number of things happen that alter our experience. Physiologically, mentally, and emotionally, our being responds to our breath.

Not only does the obvious event of lungs filling with air provide a greater exchange of oxygen for carbon monoxide in the blood, a cascade of other positive events also take place from your deep breath.



The fight or flight response shuts off, cortisol and adrenaline are no longer produced and released by the adrenal glands to give you excess energy to handle the stress, while at the same time giving you more stress (yes, a viscous cycle).  


The endocrine system gets the message to produce and release hormones that allow you to feel relaxed, peaceful, calm.


As this takes place naturally, with your breath, rather than with a substitute or substance, the other benefits begin.


Cell repair starts in all organs, the message that all can rest and repair comes down from the nervous system, or control center, and the body can experience healing.


As healing continues, the positive cycle begins, and more moments to breathe are taken, more moments of a calm, relaxed state are achieved and the mind begins to benefit from the experience of clarity, quietness, stillness, and peace.


As the mind remains calm and clear, the benefits continue, and one experiences a heart opening that brings compassion, understanding, and objectivity. All this works together to provide more peace and calm, and encourages one to seek more of the positive cycle of relaxation and repair once experienced.  

So, sit back, smile, and take another deep breath!


Want to know more? Just ask. Contact me at info@lotuscenterec.com