The Mysterious Microcosm of YOU

Filtrating waterways

This short series of articles will explore the microcosm of the body to the macrocosm of the earth, and beyond.


We will look at some of the systems in the human body, explain a bit of anatomy and physiology or geography and function, and then explore the reflection seen to a similar known system of the earth.


We begin by looking at some of the life giving waters.


Blood, and its circulation. How often do you think about your circulation? Are you aware of where your blood comes from and where it goes, and what it does? Do you know how it works?

Most of us, unless and until we have a problem with it, do not give the blood circulation a second thought.  


Let’s have a closer look for a moment to understand more about our circulatory system. The human body is full of blood filled tubes known as arteries, veins, and capillaries. If taken from the average adult body and stretched out, these tubes, known as the circulatory system, will measure 100,000 Kilometers! To put that distance into perspective, the circumference of the earth is about 40,000 kilometers around. Imagine that the average adult has enough blood vessels that if stretch out, would wrap around the earth 2½ times!


 The circulatory system runs both superficial and deep and works together with multiple other systems of the body to deliver and provide nourishment, and energy, as well as clean up waste products, fight infections, allow healing through inflammatory process, and exchange a multitude of gases, hormones, and elemental building blocks to the cells throughout the body and brain.


The circulatory system of the body, works much like the waterways of the earth to provide nourishment, and cleanse.


Through transport and exchange of nutrients and clean up or bring waste through the depths and the surfaces, constantly cycling through natural filtration processes. The body returns the blood to be filtered and renewed through its cycle of circulation and exchange. In our body, just as on and in the waters of the earth, when a blockage occurs in the circulation, stagnation occurs and either the body/earth will find a way to defer the circulation or flow and create a collateral system in a adjacent area to provide the necessary nourishment, or the area will have no choice but to shrivel up and die.


The human body is an intelligent organism, just as the earth also is. It is designed to know, understand, and trust the natural cycles and microclimates of all parts of the whole. It is made to work together as a single organized and intelligent system, made up of billions of tiny individual cells, and multiple subsystems, each with their own specific job to do, time and place to do it in, and time to leave the scene.


Every cell in the body is constantly turning over, being replaced, those that finish the cycle, die off and are carried away by the blood stream to become a part of the waste products of the body. Similar to the precipitation and filtration cycles of the earth, the circulatory system works to carry in the needed, filter through the beneficial and the non-beneficial, take away what is no longer needed and refresh itself to do it all over again.


cross section of kidney tissue

The intelligence and design of the human body is miraculous, as is the intelligence and design of our beautiful home Planet Earth. Our circulatory system is designed with semipermeable membranes to specific tissues it crosses, allowing for the exchange of molecules. In this way, the blood picks up what is no longer useful and leaves what is needed for that cell oxygen, hormones, salts, enzymes, or lymphocytes, phagocytes or other element that is specifically required there at the time. Just as the water of the earth delivers nourishment, provides cleansing and brings forth life, so too does our blood.


Without thought, attention, conscious control, or even our knowledge, our body continuously generates and moves nourishing, cleansing, vital fluid, the blood, through kilometer after kilometer of vessels, the circulatory system. Just as the water flows out from the earth through streams and rivers for kilometers to join others and winds to lakes and oceans, constantly being picked up and refreshed through the precipitation cycle, in a similar way the blood flows through the circulatory system. As the blood circulates through the organs and tissue it provides important elements to each specific tissue and cell that it moves through. When the nutrient rich blood has made its deliveries it is then carried the venous circulation to be refreshed and sent out to do it again.


Just as fresh water continually springs up from the earth, and pours out of mountain springs to deliver its benefits throughout the earth, the blood functions in a similar pattern. New blood cells are produced deep within the body, in the marrow of the bone, as new water springs up from deep within the earth. The earth’s water systems work without any interference or attention from us, running in cycles with and through an innate wisdom working together as part of the whole ecosystem, varying in different parts of the planet.


As we have drawn this comparison out, and seen the similarities in our body and our planet, it is my intention that anyone reading this will gain a depth of appreciation and admiration for both. As we begin to admire and appreciate more deeply, compassion, connection, and understanding blossom. One can begin to fall in love with the mysterious microcosm of the body, their own body, and the self; one can easily begin to value the temple vehicle of both body and earth.  With value comes respect, and taking care of our home becomes a priority rather than an emergency. With this simple shift in consciousness, behaviors will rapidly alter and everyone will gain.