What is the best therapy for me?


“Ah, my back hurts, I know just what to do to make it feel better!”


If we all thought and acted this way, the above question would be obsolete, Unfortunately, very few people think and act in this way. Or perhaps, one has a method for their back, but what about their shoulder, neck, or knee? How do you know what is the best therapy and or who to seek for advice, treatment, and ultimately relief?


I wish I could tell you that there is one kid of therapy or modality that works for everyone right away all the time.  While there are a number of highly effective modalities available that may provide an array of benefits, how do you know which one to choose, and which one is best to help your situation now?


This is the part that can get tricky. I can tell you that a very high percentage of people who have a chronic issue, have visited a number of ‘healers’ and ‘health care professionals’ to attempt to deal with their issue. Many people in this situation may feel as though they have tried everything. 


How many little aches, pains and or injuries have you heard about and or experienced that never healed quite right and still flare up from time to time? The little injuries can add up as well and lead to a complicated imbalance in the body that causes symptoms to move around. One day it is the back, another the knee, but something is generally not quite right.


Some people may manifest symptoms in their internal organs rather than their muscular skeletal system, symptoms that are hard to pin down, and treat. They too, can find themselves in a similar predicament. Many of these symptoms and signs of dis-ease in the body, are just that. They are signaling that the body is not at ease, that there is an imbalance, a blockage, an inflammation, essentially, a battle going on somewhere that needs attention.


So how does one know and choose the best therapy? With so many choices available, and so many claims that this is the best, the latest, the greatest, etc… how can one find the most effective and efficient therapy or healing modality?


The more chronic an issue has become, in general, the more complex and layered it is. So often choosing one kind of therapy will limit the ability to find and open all the layers.

This is the reason that many people continue to look for the next best thing… nothing has helped them completely, or permanently, yet.


So, if there is no super therapy that works for everyone all the time what is a person to do?

Start out by making up your mind to get well and stay well, then choose the support you need to help you along your path. Choose a practitioner with a broad base of modalities, and a broad base of knowledge. Accept an active role in your process. What can you do? Make some lifestyle changes? Diet? Exercise? Reduce stress? Change routines?  Be sure that you are checking your progress and are happy with your results. 


The body is ultimately the only healer there is. Our bodies are equipped with the intelligence to heal, repair, and regenerate themselves when given the opportunity and environment that encourages this.


When you take an active role and give your body what it needs to repair, you will see results. You may need to seek the advice of several specialists in alternative and or allopathic medicine to understand what is happening in the body and take the best approach to support the healing process.


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